FIRST 5 Mendocino Financials

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FIRST 5 Mendocino Financials

2016-2017 FIRST 5 Mendocino Annual Report

Expenses in FY 2016-2017:

At the end of 2017, our commission finalizes the previous year’s annual report. We present it here: our 2016-2017 Annual Report. As always please contact us if you have any questions about our programs, expenses, strategic plan etc.

FIRST 5 Mendocino distributed our tax dollars throughout the county through partnerships, grants and projects that fulfill our Commission’s current Strategic Plan to “Decrease Substance Abuse and Improve Parenting among families with young children”.        Our investments include:

Improved Parenting: Programs invested in under this heading include; Raise & Shine Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), Imagination Library, Pediatric Dental Initiative and Kits for New Parents.

Decreased Substance Abuse:
This past year, we continued to provide funding for The Ford Street Project’s detox program for parents of children ages 0-5 who do not have insurance coverage or an alternative method of payment.. This year, Ford Street was able to serve 35% more mothers and fathers when compared to last year.

Policy/Shared: This category encompasses the largest category of funding. The programs funded include our support of the Family Resource Center (FRC) Network which includes 8 FRCs located throughout the county. It also includes the costs of coordinating trainings for professionals that work with foster care children or children at risk of becoming foster care children. We also fund community wide trainings. This past fiscal year we provided the following trainings: a training with Vic Compher, the co-producer of Portraits of Professional CAREgivers, multiple levels of Triple P, Motivational Interviewing, and Community Resiliency Model Skills (CRM) from The Trauma Resource Institute. In addition, we also fund shared programs with Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund, The Sandbox Childcare Center, 211 Mendocino and Children’s Action Committee.

Admin: This category refers to the costs to cover our overhead, administration, evaluation and contract monitoring.

In order to fund these programs with tax dollars, grants and donations throughout the county, we rely on our community partnerships. At this time, we wish to THANK ALL of YOU that make it possible for us to serve our county’s families.

Children Served in Mendocino County in FY 2016-2017:

There are many ways we reach children and their families in our county. We could not expand our reach into the county without our close partnerships with Family Resource Centers, preschools, health clinics, local hospitals and Mendocino County HHSA. Here are a FEW examples of how we serve our county’s population of 0-5 children and their families.

Family Resource Centers: We provide grant funding to FRCs throughout the county for programs that address our current Strategic Plan. Playgroups, car seat classes and installation, parenting support groups, reading events, assistance enrolling in WIC, Covered California and food stamps are a few examples of how FRCs support local families.

Imagination Library: Our literacy program sends 1 book a month in the mail to children throughout the county until they turn 5. At the end of our fiscal year, we had over 3,200 children enrolled, from newborns to 5 years old.

Raise & Shine: Our Raise & Shine staff was very busy this past year facilitating Triple P groups, setting up others to provide Triple P programs throughout the county, providing training in Triple P and responding to parent calls on the warm line in both English & Spanish.