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Healthy Kids Mendocino

In 2006, FIRST5 Mendocino was a founding partner in the LAUNCH of Healthy Kids Mendocino- a project with the goal to ensure that every child in Mendocino County had access to quality affordable health insurance.  Over the last decade, we worked with dozens of partners and individuals to reach this goal.  Ten years later, in 2016, our collective advocacy has contributed to new legislation and local community support that provides coverage for every child in our community.

2006 – We launch CalKids – an insurance product for children who are ineligible for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families.
2010– Affordable Care Act is signed into law.
2013– Medi-Cal for Children program expands to include children formerly eligible for Healthy Families.
Covered Mendocino - 707-463-54372014Covered California begins enrolling families, providing new coverage options for middle-income children (and their parents!) For more information about Covered California click on the logo at right.
2015 – Governor Jerry Brown signs SB4 into law – thereby providing affordable health insurance coverage for all children in California, regardless of immigration status, through an expansion of Medi-Cal for Children.

We are happy to announce that our goal has been met.  We couldn’t have done it without our partners!

Our Partners:

Alliance for Rural Community Health – Carol Mordhorst, Linda Nagel

Anderson Valley Health Center – Mitzi Wagner

Bruce Andich

Assemblymember Jim Woods – Ruth Valenzuela

Baechel Creek Medical Clinic – Donald Matheson, Mills Matheson, Margaret McClure

Community Foundation of Mendocino County – Susanne Norgard, Dennis Patton

Congressman Jared Huffman –  Heather Gurewitz, Robert and Suzie Hardie, Bob Jordan, Stacey Kolsrud

Consolidated Tribal Health –  Antoinette Ascencio, Dr. Ace Barash,  Laura Baynham,  John and Nancy Beuchsenstein

County of Mendocino – Carmel Angelo, Stacey Cryer, Bekkie Emery, Jung Fitzpatrick, Cathy Frey, Kristen Gardner, Jill Longcrier (Bradley), Rosemary Martin del Campo, John McCowen

DG Creative – Karen Adair

FIRST 5 Mendocino – Anne Molgaard

HHSA – Outreach Unit DSS – Lily Caravello, Yarely Cruz, Megan Van Sant

HHSA – Public Health Dept. Ukiah – Lilia Arrendondo

Laytonville Healthy Start FRC – Jayma Shields

Mendocino Coast Clinics – Paula Cohen, David Colfax, Lucresha Renteria

Mendocino Community Health Clinics, Inc. – Jill Damian, Zenia Leyva Chou, Carole Press, Steve Prochter

Mendocino County Office of Education – Paul Tichinin

Redwood Coast Medical Services –  Diane Agee

Safe Passage Family Resource Center – Laura Welter

Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center – Darcie Antle, Terri Boudreaux, Jeremy Mann

Ukiah Daily Journal –  KC Meadows

Zach Schat