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We help families with children of all ages find positive solutions to child behavior problems.
Raise & Shine

Raise & Shine - beacuse kids don't come with instructionsRaise & Shine

Local kindergarten teachers tell us that one out of every three children in their classrooms can’t resolve conflicts or control their behavior. Issues like these make it difficult for children to succeed both in school and in life.

Yet just a few years ago, Mendocino County families with questions about young children’s behavior had almost nowhere to turn. So FIRST 5 committed more than $500,000 and began working with local partners to establish Raise & Shine. Since 2009, FIRST 5 Mendocino has invested over $1 million dollars and has continued working with local partners to provide this service to families.

Raise & Shine helps families with children of all ages find positive solutions to child behavior problems. Hundreds of local professionals have now been trained to assist families and more will be trained throughout 2016. All Raise & Shine partners use research-based, common-sense methods that are very effective, whatever a family’s culture, ethnicity, or income level.

Raise & Shine partners take Medi-Cal and other forms of insurance. We also offer options for families who are un- or under-insured. También, se habla español.

Help for parents whose child has a delay or disability: Raise & Shine supports families with a child newly diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability. We provide: Parent to Parent Support; information and referral, public awareness, family/professional assistance; and transition for families aging out of Early Start.


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For more information about Raise & Shine, call (707) 462-1233, or visit the website.


  • FIRST 5 Mendocino
  • Action Network Family Resource Center
  • Anderson Valley Health Center
  • Baechtel Creek Medical Clinic
  • Brookside Elementary School
  • Caspar Children’s Garden
  • Cherry Street Family Resource Center
  • Early Head Start & Head Start—North Coast Opportunities
  • Laytonville Healthy Start
  • Little Lake Health Clinic
  • Long Valley Community Health Center
  • Mendocino College
  • Mendocino Community Health Clinic
  • Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency
  • Mendocino County Office of Education
  • Mendocino County Youth Project
  • New Morning Montessori Preschool
  • Nuestra Alianza
  • Nuestra Casa
  • Pinoleville Head Start
  • Redwood Children’s Services – Children’s Therapeutic Services
  • Safe Passage Family Resource Center
  • Tapestry Family Services
  • Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center
  • Young Parent Program
  • and independent providers throughout Mendocino County