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Control Your Remote

How much TV is too much? Every family has a different idea. Most agree, though, that healthy child development requires lots of other activities like running, jumping, reading, drawing, dancing and letting the imagination run absolutely wild.

The average American child today spends more time per week with media or entertainment than in school or with their parents. That’s why FIRST 5 celebrates parents who “Control Your Remote”. We offer 101 screen-free activities your kids can do instead and a parent/child screen-time contract so you can set concrete limits with your child. Post it on your fridge and point to anytime your child asks for just one more TV show.

Downloadable Documents:
TV Alternatives Grid (English) - helps you to figure out how to manage screen-free time during the day
Cuadrícula de Actividades Alternativas (Español) - ¿Cuáles horas del día son más difíciles?
101 Screen Free Activities (English)
101 Actividades Sin Pantalla (Español)
Parent/Child Screen Time Contract (English)
Contrato Entre Padre e Hijo Sobre el Tiempo Enfrente de la Televisión (Español)
Hiking Journal

Research tells us that too much TV results in obesity; TV Turnoffinadequate brain development; out-of-control behavior; short attention span; and, when children get older, low grades and a tendency to misuse alcohol and drugs. Our goal is to make sure that fewer local children suffer these consequences.

For more information, visit:

Common Sense

Screen Free

CONTROL YOUR REMOTE PARTNERS:  Mendocino County Public Libraries, Mendocino County School Districts, Action Network, Nuestra Alianza, Laytonville Healthy Start, Potter Valley Youth & Community Center, Anderson Valley Family Resource Center, Nuestra Casa, Safe Passage, and many preschool and early care providers throughout the county.

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